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For any Duct Cleaning please submit a quote on the form attached below and e-mail to Lucy@highlandrestoration.ca, along with the prices for any Upholstery cleaning

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Content Management

Highland’s Computerized Content Management Solutions

The most complete system for your contents

Photo’s provided by Xactware.com


At Highland Restoration, we use iPads® and ContentsTrack by Xactware

the most advanced way to record lists, take pictures and bar code scan.


We Track Your Household Items Quickly & Acurately

Recording an accurate pack out with iPads is incredibly fast and easy.  The iPad takes photos and barcode scans so there’s no time wasted fumbling with cameras and scanners. Larger jobs can be done faster by simply adding more technicians with iPads.  ContentsTrack an easy-to-use iPad app that contains job information, such as address, barcode label numbers, room and item descriptions, so our technicians can get the list done fast. Lists can even be previewed on the iPad with the insured.


Our Photo Management System Makes It Easy to Verify Item Condition

When we take photos of an item with iPad’s built-in camera, they are automatically saved with the item description, notes, bar code, room location and packout technician. With this fast, but thorough, photo management system,  we can easily retrieve photos to verify item condition.



Our Asset Tracking Provides Auditable Chain of Custody to Reduce Loss  

Our barcode labels are preprinted with job name and number.  Photos can be easily accessed to confirm what was packed. We can track items using barcodes or item description as they move from loss location to cleaning to storage and back.  Our tracking system alson tells us who handled the item at each point.


We Look After You

We give you our Presentation Report that shows your items are properly recorded and looked after. With our straight forward inventory management, we can locate and retrieve items for you fast, and give an update on the cleaning status, which can be a relief at a time of great stress and worry.

Our quick pack out and list turnaround means everything from cleaning to settlement happens sooner.



 Restoring Homes, Restoring Lives…


Emergency Response Line

519-941-8141 or 877-941-8141